Of The Earth is an environmentally focused handmade paper manufacturer. Our logo is an allegory of our idealized world; the people and plants in harmony with the earth in a circular flow of renewal and regeneration through responsibility.
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Handmade Paper Invitations
eco-friendly plantable recycled invitation kits invitation kits that save the earth!
We are happy to introduce our new line of invitation kits now made with the same paper that has taken the country by storm, repackaged here in easy to print at home kits. These invitations are fully compostable, it you plant them in your flower bed the whole unit will biodegrade and provide both a handy weed barrier and a beautiful bouquet of flowers as a gift to the recipient. These complete invitation kits come in five recycled paper options made of tree free papers colored with vegetable dyes. You can print the seed embedded overlay paper at home in your inkjet or laser printer without damaging the seeds or your machine. There are eight styles to pick from in five colors which gives you a total of forty selections. The ribbon used around the wraps and at the tops of the panels is made of the same earth friendly paper and will break down in soil with the invitation. Start your wedding off right with an invitation that welcomes your guest to your earth friendly event.
plant me wedding invitations on recycled seed paper In addition to the kits you can buy extra of each item to make your whole wedding coordinated with the same earth friendly touches.

Since 1995 Of The Earth has supplied brides with an environmentally friendly approach.

A few samples of invitation styles that we offer Click for our new invitation design tool
Earth Friendly Invitations from Handmade Papers
Handmade Envelope
Of The Earth is proud to offer great earth focused products. We are also proud of our efforts to be a low impact business, to encourage our customers to use less paper (we love single envelope invitations and postcard reply cards), to produce paper with recycled/recovered water and to use every practical measure possible to ensure an environmentally responsible workplace. Thank you for sharing our vision.

Our line of seed papers continues to grow! We started with Ed Hume seed packets almost ten years ago and now we work directly with the growers to ensure not only that our flower seed papers produce a high germination rate but that the combination of flowers that bloom will create a pleasing bouquet in most parts of North America. We designed our wildflower blend to ensure that if our paper is planted in any part of North America, the attentive gardener will not be disappointed, something will bloom. Our seeded papers contain seeds in the entire sheet. You should expect to be able to lay a credit card anywhere on the sheet and be covering a half dozen seeds.

Handmade flower petal invitations
view our new handmade Lotka envelopes
With our custom invitation styles not only are the attachment (ribbon, fern, sticker) styles interchangeable, but the paper is often custom designed to fit your event. Not all styles require assembly. Enclosures and envelopes sold separately.

We sell invitations as complete sets or as individual components. Every part of the invitation can be ordered as a separate item so you have the opportunity to mix and match. This also allows you to do some or all of the construction on your own. If you would like to punch holes and tie your own ribbon you save $1.50 per invitation.

If you have already purchased paper or envelopes from another company, we are happy to simply print a vellum overlay for you. If you would like to print your own invitations but wish to order paper from us, great! We welcome all orders.

Once you have selected a style that suits you, look through our handmade paper to select the flowers you would like in your paper. We also offer pressed flowers to apply after the paper has been made, look here: Pressed Flower Invitations
Handmade Invitations with misty attachment
Flower paper invitations with ribbon
Bifold Style
Single Fold Style
Panel Style
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